Social Media

Building a social media policy and plan


The two most important elements of social media is engagement and content. You also want to have a social media policy. A social media policy helps you know how to maintain your platforms. Everyone on your team should be familiar with the policy as it is the bread and butter of how things get done on social.

With my help, I can provide a step-by-step process for developing a effective social media policy,

Additionally, I can offer solutions to you on mapping out a content plan for social.

Learning the social platforms


Not everyone gets social media, and that’s okay. You might be on the platform, but do you know how to build impact on them? Do you know why you should have a Snapchat? Are you using Facebook to it’s fullest potential? Has Facebook provided the necessary leads you need for your business? You want to define your usage on the platforms (which is done in the policy). You also want to know how to use the platforms correctly.

I provide one-on-one trainings for using a specific platform (pr all if you really need assistance). For trainings, you would sit with me one-on-one, or do a virtual conference, to work through the platforms. We would spend just two or three hours working together to help you leave with more confidence on a platform. I provide scenario training, presentation you can utilized after a session and a free consultation of your entire social media catalogue.

Taking control of your social media marketing


Sometimes you need someone else to take lead on your social media. You may be strapped for time and also can’t fit in social media. You need someone reliable, and you need someone who gets how to use the platforms.

I want to ease your stress and take over for you. This includes mapping out your content calendar, planning out your campaigns, offering strategy solutions and be on the platforms for your brand.

You can utilize this service for three months, or hire me by the hour.

Let’s work together and build out a stronger social media marketing plan for your brand. 

Let’s sit down and build your social media policy and plan. We can schedule a two hour one-on-one time, or do things virtually. Purchase a session with me for just $100.

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I can take over your social media. For a period of time, I will be in complete control of all your platforms. For just three month contract, this would include mapping out your social media content, platforms and other engagement strategies. I can also take complete control of your social media.

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Learn about a platform. It’s not easy grasping the constant changes that are happening in social media. You may also need a bit more assistance with understanding a platform. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, we will sit down for two, three hours going over whatever you need. Trainings only cost $100.

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Social Media Analytics

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Your data is your story. You want to know if you’re making impact on the platforms.

It can be overwhelming to know what to look for when you have to create a monthly report for your social media.

From your numbers on Facebook to your engagement on Instagram, you need someone who can look into your metrics and tell you what’s needed and not needed for social media. Dissecting your social media from data helps your define your messaging techniques on the platforms and also impacts how you perform campaigns. You want to ensure you’re investing the right amount of dollars into your social media activity and an analysis offers just that.

Monthly Reports. It’s important to know how you’re doing month-by-month on social media. I can tell your story through your data. With tools at my disposal to check out your social media performance, I’m confident that I can help you thrive with strong metric each month.

Weekly Figures: Not only is it important to know how things are going each month, it’s just as important to know how things are each week.

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